• What We Do


    We specialise in strategic planning, programme management, and capacity building for more effective stakeholder engagement.


    We help organisations improve the quality and clarity of their professional communication.


    Our strength lies in supporting you to develop:

    • A detailed understanding of the context in which you work (the policy background, key events that have brought you to today, and the people that matter);

    • An accurate assessment of the challenges and opportunities this presents (asking questions, gathering and analysing evidence, identifying priorities, developing action plans); and

    • Confident and effective written and spoken engagement with your stakeholders, to take you forward.

    We love working with words: drafting user-friendly and high-impact content that reflects your values and purpose, and supporting you to develop your written output and presentation skills.


    We can help you with the vital groundwork of defining and describing effectively what you do, so that you can showcase your achievements and build stronger relationships with the people who matter to you, both within and outside your organisation.


    Strategic and business planning (including: development of implementation plans, SMART targets, and outcomes-focused activity plans)


    Stakeholder mapping and engagement (including: facilitation and write up, and development of action plans and schedules)


    Social research (including: literature reviews, interviews, focus groups, surveys, policy analysis, policy development activities, drafting of public consultation responses)


    Monitoring and evaluation (including: the development and application of qualitative outcomes-based monitoring and evaluation strategies and tools)


    Drafting, editing, proofreading, and formatting (including: briefing papers, options papers, project proposals, applications, reports, presentations, speeches, corporate and strategic plans, annual reports)


    Public speaking and presentations (including: facilitation of conference activities / workshops, and coaching individuals to prepare and deliver professional and effective presentations)



    We are committed to:

    • Conducting business and personal interactions with honesty and transparency;
    • Delivering work that is consistently high quality;
    • Promoting an evidence-based approach to problem solving; and
    • Encouraging an ethic of openness that is conducive to shared and ongoing learning.
  • About Us

    Dr Sara Templer


    I am a project manager and social researcher with more than ten years of applied experience in policy analysis, programme development, and stakeholder engagement.


    I have a specialist interest in the practical, social, and policy-level challenges associated with addressing the legacies of political violence, in Northern Ireland and further afield. I have successfully delivered research and evaluation projects for academic, public sector, and non-governmental organisations, and I currently work in Health and Social Care. I enjoy translating strategic directions into achievable programmes of action, and I am keen to work with others who share my vision of a healthy, equitable, and thriving society.


    Born and raised in Zimbabwe, I have spent time in South Africa and Belgium, and have lived in Belfast since 2005.


    I hold a PhD in Irish Studies (Politics and Anthropology), (Queen's University Belfast), and an MPhil in Reconciliation Studies (Politics), (Trinity College Dublin). I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

    Why Msasa?

    The Msasa (Brachystegia Spiciformis) is an iconic sub-Saharan African tree. In Shona and Swahili, the word is also used to refer to a temporary shelter.


    The Msasa's broad canopy provides respite from the relentless heat of the sun, a shady sanctuary for travellers to stop, rest, and share their stories of the road before continuing their journey. At the end of winter, when almost all hope of the rains ever returning is lost, its leaves set the dusty dry landscape ablaze with a riot of red, gold, and green: a hearty promise that the season will turn. And in their time, the tree's pods erupt with a twist-and-snap that crackles across the bush, flinging seeds far and wide as if sharing good news of life, growth, and renewal.


    Viewed from Northern Ireland, the Msasa is a neutral feature of the landscape. Like the animals that roam the savanna, like the birds that soar in the open skies, the tree is a vital, inter-connected part of its environment. It is a reminder that while the problems we tackle can seem overwhelming in the moment, nature and the outside world are always there: a source of rest, adventure, and self-discovery.



    Sara currently works alone or on an associate basis with appropriately qualified and experienced colleagues as required by specific projects.

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